The chicken soup for the soul: GRATITUDE!

November 27, 2018

November & December are very important months for many of us. This time of the year we get an extra reminder about how important it is to be grateful. At Balanzen Group we want to express our GRATITUDE to all our friends and family that has supported and joined the balanzen circle; because for people like you, we feel inspired and motivated to expand our knowledge, tools, hearts  and love to each one of you.


Being grateful when your life is going as you planned or dreamed is fantastic and easy!. When we get a rich paycheck, book a dream trip to the mediterranean, wake up feeling like a top model, when we are smitten by love; however, being grateful when difficulties and unplanned events in our life take place is the real challenge! We came to learn that it it is during the tough times when the energy and feeling of gratitude will help the most. In the face of brokenness, gratitude has the power to heal. In the face of despair, gratitude has the power to bring hope. In the face of lost gratitude brings serenity. In other words, live with gratitude no matter what side of the coin you are at; because the truth is: we all will live to experience both sides.


For us, gratitude is one of the secrets to happiness!!! we know, we all have those moments where negative thoughts and life circumstances can take over our minds from feeling grateful, but instead of thinking and regretting for the things we do not have, the things we can not change or the thing we can not control, let's do the opposite! Let's embrace GRATITUDE.


Gratitude can begin with something small; It is so important to wake up everyday with the intention of being in a constant state of appreciation and gratefulness; we become happier when we wake up being grateful for who we are, for our skills and for what we already have (the good things and the not so good ones).


As wellness advocates, we have our own rituals and healthy habits that we honor; gratitude is an important part of these rituals:


Tani: “I practice daily gratitude with such a simple thing as the air I breathe, to be able to breathe is one of the most precious gift we have ”. “Expressing gratitude when I'm in the middle of a storm always help me pass through it”

 Vane: “I try to be in a constant state of gratefulness and full appreciation every moment of my life. Being grateful for who I am, for the things I accomplish every day, for being next to the people I love, for my health, and the most important thing; being grateful for having the tools that will make me a better human being; for being able to help others in their journey. That makes me so happy!"

We are sure you have more than one thing to be grateful every day of your life.  Just take the time to acknowledge them! Maybe this B+Z Tips will help you with your gratefulness ritual:




  • Pause for 1 minute and notice all the little things you have in your life, that can make you feel grateful

  • Think about 1 to 3 things you feel proud of, something you are very happy about, and be thankful for it! Rejoice for it!!!

  • Shift your attention and look around. Remember, others may be experiencing situations 10 times worst than yours.

  • Have a random act of kindness to someone in need;  not only you are helping others, but this acts will help you too feel better

  • Occupy yourself doing something you are skillful or very good at; this will let you feeling better and accomplished.

  • Always remember that the storm always will pass; be grateful for the opportunity to grow and transform through this rough patches.

  • Remember this: Grateful people are more resilient to stress, and that darkness exists because of light, and vice It is OK to go through dark moments.,

As we wrote this post, we had time to reflect on how grateful we feel for the Balanzen movement that keeps growing and because of this, we have decided to give back from our hearts to our community. Every Wednesday stay tuned to our IG account (@balanzengroup) for BZ awesome giveaways in collab from our sponsors, supporters and/or brads we love; Starting tomorrow Nov 28th 2018.


With love,


Tani & Vane


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